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Soutien aux organisations hongroises d'écrivains

Statement of Writers' Organisations

In Hungary, undersecretary of state Mihály Kolosváry-Borcsa had books pulped in June 1944. In the 1950s, books were destroyed publicly. When recently a member of parliament perpetrated similar acts, members of the government did not distance themselves from her, on the contrary, assured her of their support, and included a threat to destroy books in their communication. 

The undersigned writers' organisations demand that the government at all levels repudiate and condemn the destruction of books and the biopolitical stigmatisation of books and writers. Such a thing cannot be tolerated in this country!


Society of Hungarian Authors

Association of Hungarian Literary Translators

Hungarian Board of Books for Young People

Szécheny Academy of Literature and Arts

Association of Hungarian Young Writers

Hungarian Theatre Dramaturgs Guild 


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